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Importance of Solar Energy in Peruvian Villages

Most Peruvians living in rural areas complete their activities while there is daylight. As there is a lack of electricity, Peruvians count on primitive lighting solutions like candles, kerosene lamps, and poor-quality batteries. They manually pump fresh water from the ground which is time consuming and tedious.

The lighting sources that Peruvians use aren't just old but they are highly toxic as well. Over a period of time, they can be prone to fatal respiratory disorders as they are exposed to these toxic elements.

Help Us Make Peru a Better Place

We believe in improving the lives of Peruvians by providing solar-powered solutions. Our focus lies in helping them to change from traditional non-electric methods to efficient solar-driven electrical solutions.

The ultimate goal of Solar Empowerment Solutions is to enhance their basic living conditions. We want their children to be able to study with reliable lighting solutions. Please consider making a valuable donation to this worthwhile cause! For additional information, contact us.
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The team at Solar Empowerment Solutions has more than 50 years of combined experience in the solar and electrical energy industry!
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