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Project Peru

In August of 2016 we had a team travel to Pillpinto and Taucabamba, Peru to do an assessment trip to identify the needs of the community. We met with the with the Mayor and other community leaders to identify how we could best serve their community. The mayor and community leaders said that many of the farms on the outskirts of town needed electricity so that the farmers could spend more time at their farms.  

In May of 2017 we returned to follow through with the direction that we received in August. The community did not believe that we would ever come back! They were very excited and greeted us with open arms. The Mayor’s office in Pillpinto had a celebration waiting for us. We had lunch with government officials and were presented with traditional scarves. We discussed the plan for the installation and talked about future projects. Our translator told us after the meeting that the Mayor was caught off guard that we offered to return for a second project.   

We installed eleven solar powered lighting systems in three different farming communities, Taucabamba, Challayco and Cchuatura. The members of the different communities had another warm welcome for us when we arrived in Taucamaba. We stayed in Taucabamba for three days while we installed the solar systems. The community members worked alongside of us and prepared traditional Peruvian food for us to eat. The local people may be very poor according to American standards, but you would never know. Every person that we came in contact with was always smiling and so gracious! Life long bonds were created on the trip!  

Each solar powered lighting system stores electricity from the sun during the day in a small battery and uses the stored power to power energy efficient LED lights at night. The system consisted of five LED lights and a USB port to charge cell phones. Everyone had a cell phone, however, not everyone had a way to charge it. The eleven systems that we installed is just a start. This very poor region of Peru still has many people living without electricity.

In addition to installing solar powered lighting systems, many members from the community voiced concerned about water issues. They have plenty of water available, they just don't have water at the farms that need the water most. They also have to boil the water before they can drink it. We are planning on a return trip later in 2017 to do an irrigation assessment and water quality trip to help identify what is needed to help get the water to the farms that currently are not receiving enough water. We will also follow up with the eleven families that received a solar powered lighting system in May of 2017 to make sure everything is working correctly and get feedback on their thoughts about life after solar powered lighting.

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In order to succeed in this rewarding mission of helping rural Peruvians, we seek your valuable assistance. It is hard to explain how important our work could be to the Peruvian people. Please donate to this noble cause and be an integral part of Project Peru's success.
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Our mission statement is to provide the fundamentals of life (enriching mind, body, and spirit) through education, hydration, and nutrition; ensuring those who cannot provide for themselves get the tools necessary to become self-sufficient and ultimately sustainable.
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