About Us

Learn More About Solar Empowerment Solutions

Our non-profit organization aims at providing efficient solar-powered solutions to developing countries. Our installation and design teams have more than 50 years of experience in installing off-grid solar systems. Project Peru is the first of many lighting and electrical projects that we are looking to tackle in Peru.

By starting off with such projects, our long-term goal is to build schools, medical and dental clinics, wells, and water treatment facilities that are solely powered by solar energy. To learn more about Project Peru, call us at 206-486-4903.

Extend Your Valuable Support to Project Peru

When you donate to our cause, you'll make a big difference in a Peruvian's life. Donations made to Solar Empowerment Solutions will be used to improve the basic conditions of Peruvians in rural areas. Your contributions will help us to empower Peruvians with reliable and durable solar-powered lighting and electrical solutions.
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